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Monday, March 07, 2005

Profile: Corrina

I'm a little late with this. Possibly it might have been better to list my credentials before writing an article but I do have a tendency to do things backwards.

I have a degree in journalism from Boston University's College of Communication. While I was in Boston, I interned at the local New York Times office, which is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. It mainly consisted of cutting and clipping documents from local paper's for the office's 'morgue' files. The NYT has an interesting method of training reporters: interns do no writing. Those hired out of college are called editorial assistants and have to do a lot of the research work for the staff writers. After a while doing that, you might get an article of your own but without a byline. The editorial assistant in the Boston office at the time seemed to do most of the work for the senior reporter. The junior reporter (Matt Wald, still with the paper) did his own work. And I got to clip articles and do some odds and ends. Probably these days, there's someone assigned to research blogs and websites.

After graduation, I worked for a respected weekly in New Jersey, The Bernardsville News, mainly covering school boards, municipal meetings like town councils and zoning boards. (Which left me, sadly, with far more knowledge of zoning laws than I ever wanted.) I also had a chance to write some features and the occasional breaking news. After five years, I felt like I'd learned all I could learn and moved onto a daily paper, the New Jersey Herald. There I got a chance to do more breaking news to go along with the municipal news, got to cover for the court reporter a few times and cover a murder trial, and basically got to meet all the local politicians, including Jim Florio (ick!) Bill Bradley (condescending but smart) and Christie Whitman (personable and smart.)

I also wrote book reviews for the Newark Star-Ledger but while that paid well, it's not really experience that will help me with articles here.

My expertise is going to be on print reporters (like Lois and Clark) rather than broadcast reporters, which is really an entirely different profession.