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Monday, August 22, 2005

Guest Post: The Bronx is Up and the Battery's Down

And now a guest submission from my good friend Morts, proud Yankee and author of What Were They Thinking?.


That’s Not New York (Or "Why More Artists Need Photo Reference")

Now, I love George Perez, really I do. I loved his and Busiek’s run on Avengers, which the image below is taken from:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But that’s not New York.

The wedge-shaped building there is the Flatiron. If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s been in scores of movies, including Spider-Man, where it filled the role of the Daily Bugle.

Here are a few good photos of the Flatiron.

See any massive landmarks over to the left of it? Like, say, a certain building known from such films as King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle? Perhaps one that begins with 'E' and ends with 'mpire State Building'?

Didn’t think so.

Y’see, The Flatiron is on 23rd Street between Fifth and Broadway (right near Cosmic Comics – Hi Mark!). If you stand facing the Wedge bit of the Flatiron, as in that image, you’re facing downtown.

The Empire State Building, seen to the left of the Flatiron in this panel, is uptown, on 5th Avenue and between 33rd and 34th Streets...and to the right of the Flatiron.

In fact, here’s a great shot that shows JUST how “off” that panel is. That photo was taken by someone standing in front of the Flatiron’s wedge.

So basically, either some super villain has undergone a fiendish plot that entails twisting the Flatiron 180 degrees, or George Perez hasn’t been to NYC in a long, long time.