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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Buy Absolute New Frontier!

And now for a commercial interruption:

I griped long and loud about DC's stubborn refusal to release an Absolute Edition of Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier. When the series was first released, I held off on buying it for two reasons: 1) the price, and 2) a high-quality collected edition seemed inevitable. That second motivation came back to bite me in the rear, as DC took a full two years after the final issue shipped to release a single-volume edition of the mini-series. Even after it won the 2005 Eisner Award for Best Limited Series, and the 2005 Harvey Award for Best Continuing or Limited Series.

However, the wait is nearly over, as the Absolute New Frontier is now due for release on October 4, just under two months from now. I've already ordered mine, my first Absolute Edition, and having pled so long for its release, I feel obliged to plug it.

The book's biggest disincentive for the consumer is the same as with any Absolute Edition: the price. It carries a cover price of $75.00. That may seem steep at first, but remember what benefits the internet affords us.

Amazon.com has Absolute New Frontier for $47.25. Granted, it's not the $13 bargain so many of us tried to take advantage of a while back, but it's still a sizable savings over $75. With no shipping, and no sales tax. That's about the same expense as buying the first 19 issues of 52, and you get more pages.

And if that still seems unduly expensive, recall the cost of the original mini-series. Six 64-page issues, at $6.95 apiece. Merely buying the monthly issues was a $42 expense by itself. Now, for a few dollars more, you get an oversized hardcover collection, with nearly 80 pages of bonus material (including a dozen new story pages).

If that's not enough, read this interview with Darwyn Cooke from last week. Maybe that'll change your mind.