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Friday, September 07, 2007

New Defense -- She Hulk #21

Oh, and yest, there will be spoilers.

Well, one of the secrets of the Marvel Universe has been how the in the name of Jack Kirby could the She Hulk have slept with the Juggernaut?

Well, she did . . . or so in seemed . . . in an issue of X-Men a few years ago.

This issue answered that question while giving supervillains a new defense to their crimes.

It seems that some joker from Earth A has been sending people from that world to Marvel Earth and using an atomic resequencer to match the structure of their Marvel Earth counterpart. In other words, the Earth A Jen Walters came to Marvel Earth and has been doing some of the She Hulk stuff, including sleeping with the Juggernaut.

But this provides a new defense for super villains, at least for a limited time -- the Earth A guy did it not me. If a villain can make a colorable argument that he was not at the scene of a crime, e.g., on vacation in Hawaii, not fighting the Initiative in New Mexico, he or she, if they are later arrested, can argue that it was his or her Earth A duplicate. This would be especially good for those villains who we know had Earth A counterparts visiting the Marvel Universe. I'm sure Mallory Book (the new partner; it seems Holliway quit the firm) will take advantage of that loop hole.

Oh, by the way, the She Hulk's back. Part of me hopes she joins the Winter Soldier and they kill Stark (fat chance). But I'd really like to see her going after the SHRA, that blatantly unconstitutional piece of litigation. Isn't anybody doing anything about it?