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Friday, December 16, 2005

Idle Thoughts and Igle's Thoughts

In case you've been wondering why new posts have become so sparse as of late, it's because I finally started working last month. It began as something of a temp job, has since evolved into a full-time position, and may eventually take on a more permanent status. There's also another job that I'm hoping and praying to land, as it's in the office that I've wanted to work in for over a year.

So with work suddenly occupying a sizeable chunk of my previously free time, I've yet to adapt my schedule to accomodate regular blogging. She-Hulk #2, in particular, has been on my mind for two weeks, but I simply haven't taken the time to put my thoughts into words yet. Hopefully, I'll get that done this weekend.

For the moment, though, I offer an exchange from Newsarama's interview with Firestorm artist Jamal Igle:

Jamal Igle: I wanted to create a symbol for Jason, something marketable. Something that when comics fans see the symbol, they immediately think "FIRESTORM!" That was something that I think Ronnie's suit lacked. Ronnie's symbol is supposed to be protons surrounding the nucleus of an atom, but I don't think anyone ever got that, I know I didn't when I was younger.

Newsarama: Wouldn’t it be electrons, since protons are in the nucleus of an atom?

Igle: And it was all confusing. Did I mention that it was confusing, and I’m an artist, not a nuclear scientist? If you want nuclear physics, talk to Stuart. [laughs