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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Profile: Jinx

Although I have yet to tackle a subject, I feel I should jump on the profile bandwagon.

My Blogger ID is Jinx, my real name's Mandy (though to the other authors, I’m better known as Phoenixrising), and I'm a 24-year-old journalist and political junkie working out of Milwaukee.

Credentials: I have two journalism degrees from Kent State University (BS in print, MA in online) and am getting geared up to go for round three later this year. I have interned as a reporter for a few Cleveland-area business magazines, the Cincinnati Enquirer and put in three years at the Cleveland NPR affiliate covering (primarily) state/local politics. I also started and edited Fusion magazine, an independent service publication about sexual minority issues. I currently work as an online reporter/producer for the website of a 450,000-circulation daily newspaper, where I focus on local news, politics and community blogging.

When my “real job” isn’t distracting me, I hope to post here not only about print/broadcast/online journalism myths, but also about inconsistencies with politics and government operations.