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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Indian Reservations

I stumbled across this essay while doing some research online:

Wingfooting it with Wyatt

It's an look at the Fantastic Four's Native American sidekick, Wyatt Wingfoot, and the depiction of his fictional tribe, the Keewazi. How representative of real Indian culture are the Keewazi? What implicit inferences are carried by Marvel's recent portrayals (well, recent as of 2000) of Wyatt's people? Are they really as positive as Marvel would probably hope?

The author (who I assume is Indian himself, though his name is 'Schmidt') also draws some parallels to Marvel's treatment of Wakanda, which I think may be more on-point given recent retcons to Wakanda's history.

If you're familiar with Wyatt, do you agree with his assessment? Could Marvel do a better job? Or is he overthinking it?