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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bruce Wayne, Defendant

Walter Olson's Overlawyered.com is a great blog that I don't read nearly often enough. It's devoted to sharing and exposing the excesses, absurdities, and injustices that have come to be all too common in modern civil litigation. Things like the Cincinatti jury that found a couple to be 70% liable for the stabbing murder that their son committed. Or the European bus service that is suing carpoolers for "unfair competition."

But there's one article in particular that should be of interest to readers here, and that is Olsen's take on Batman Begins. I had a couple of critiques of the film, but he treats the movie as an exercise in issue-spotting. And he comes away with more than a half-dozen bullet points, with everything from potential tort liabilities (a la "The Incredibles") to clear violations of securities law:

Overlawyered.com: "Batman Begins": Bruce Wayne, Defendant

Do I think it's nitpicky? To be honest, yeah. Some of the items (especially the first and last) I believe fall squarely within a sensible suspension of disbelief. But it's certainly informative, and reminds us of the real-life complications of superherodom.