A Fact-Check for the Four-Color World

Monday, March 27, 2006

Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Justice

I've been lax the last couple of weeks, but I have something in the works for later this week that should remedy that. Stay tuned.

Until then, I'll share a neat tidbit from Brian Cronin's Comic Book Urban Legends series. While I'm usually concerned with how the law affects events presented in comic books, sometimes events in comic books can affect the law. One such true example of this phenomenon came from a New Mexico judge, who admitted that Spider-Man inspired electronic ankle bracelets that courts use to track probationers and persons awaiting trial.

I suppose criminals should be glad that the judge just got his ideas from the Spider-Man comic strip, and not from John Ostrander's Suicide Squad. ("And fair warning, if you misbehave, the ankle bracelet will blow your foot off.")