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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

RIP, Manhunter?

Dagnabbit it.

Just when I was getting back into the groove of posting, and with an all-new trial storyline offering months' worth of fodder (good or bad), the new DC solicitations decide to be a killjoy and inform me that Manhunter is cancelled with issue #30.

I may rip the book a lot for its depiction of the law, but it's really quite good, and I don't think DC's had a struggling book with this much of an avid fanbase since the days of Chase, Chronos, and Major Bummer.

One hopes that DC might do like Marvel has done with Spider-Girl innumerable times now, and grant Manhunter another reprieve. If that happens, I'd be more than happy to offer up my own assistance in shoring up the law in the book, like Polite Scott occasionally does with medicine. I'll just count it towards my pro bono service. *grin*