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Monday, June 20, 2005

Sound Science

I hate to pick on The Batman in two consecutive posts, but my JLU analysis got unexpectedly snagged, so this'll have to do.

Saturday morning's new episode, "Pets," featured the return of Man-Bat. And during the course of the episode, he has a couple of run-ins with Batman. In one scene, Batman is hiding behind a water tower, but Man-Bat does his sonar thing and 'sees' Batman through the tower. In a subsequent chase scene, Batman escapes into a maze of metal shipping crates, and Man-Bat again employs his sonar to track Bats, as he's able to 'look' through the walls of those crates to see where Batman has run.

As most everyone is aware, bats commonly use echolocation to navigate or track prey. But Man-Bat seems to have gone one step further, and evolved some sort of x-ray sonar that allows him to 'see' through solid metal, which is illustrated with images like this:

A sonar 'picture' of a Batman aura that shines through iron walls. Man-Bat's echolocation seems to have less in common with bats than with hospital ultrasound machines.