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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gimme Some Sugar

Prison Break

I've been a big fan of 24 since the beginning, so after hearing plenty of good word on the show, I couldn't pass on the premiere of Prison Break last night. Like the reviews said, it was very good. And like the reviews said, fully enjoying the show does depend on how well you can suspend your disbelief on some matters.

One such matter that wasn't mentioned in any reviews I saw was one that I found being debated on the Fox message board. It's the show's treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. The disease's treatment is somewhat central to the execution of the show's premise, but according to at least a couple of diabetics, the show's depiction is pretty dissimilar to the real experience in important ways.

Amusingly, there are also plenty of replies from people saying things like 'Get over it, it's just a TV show.'

If you want a comic connection, I can only offer some tenuous analogies. The show's main character is an uber-planner who I've seen called "Batman lite" for good reason. That character's brother is played by Dominic Purcell, who was also the superhuman title character of the late John Doe. And another character is supposedly the legendary D.B. Cooper, who is one of the few real-life criminals who has the sort of mythic status of a supervillain.