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Thursday, March 30, 2006

She-Hulk: Livin' Large and Litigious

I recently invested in the She-Hulk: Single Green Female trade paperback, after having enjoyed the new series by Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo (and having addressed some issues of that series here).

The trade (collecting #1-6 of the last series) didn't disappoint, and it's provided good fodder for several posts. #2-4 are all standalone legal stories ready-made for analysis, and the other issues offer some scattered material of their own. I had wanted to get started on those issues this week, but it looks like I'll probably have the first one ready for the start of next week. Hopefully I'll progress through them with some degree of regularity.

Meanwhile, I have a question of sorts. I haven't bought or read the second She-Hulk trade, Superhuman Law, because despite its title, I thought I'd heard that there really isn't all that much law in those issues. Is that true? Or is there an issue or two in that book that I ought to check out?