A Fact-Check for the Four-Color World

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Superman/Batman Annual #1

How much of a nebbish is Clark Kent?

He lets Lois lead.

I'm Back

Now with the election behind us, and I having had a little time to get my act back together, I'm back to SoD. But first, two quick updates.

1) The final vote tally of the election put me at 64 votes. Not quite what I'd hoped for, but I'm still heartened for future races.

2) Since my campaign blog is now untimely, I've started a new personal blog: Stark Raving Sane. Borrowing the title of my long-defunct personal blog, it will be my place to post on politics, law, pop culture, and probably even comics. It's only a couple of posts so far, having been begun just yesterday, but please check in in the future.

To make up a little for lost time, and to comment on something that doesn't deserve a post of its own on this blog, here's an error from tonight's Boston Legal. At one point, it's discovered that a murdered character left a "holographic will" (which is not nearly as cool as the name suggests, but is rather merely a will written in the handwriting of the deceased). Unfortunately, while this was made to be a matter of importance on the show, the state of Massachusetts (according to my research) doesn't recognize holographic wills. So this 'discovery,' even if it's legit, wouldn't affect a thing.