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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Super Lawyer

In today's New York Law Journal, there's an article entitled "Look! Up in the Sky! Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It's Super Lawyer!" OK, the title is corny, but it's actually a fairly decent (although brief) article on lawyers in comics. It mentions Daredevil, Two Face and Ex Machina, and quotes Michael Avon Oeming and Bill Sienkiewicz. I would have preferred some mention of She-Hulk, despite the repeated legal blunders made by Dan Slott, but that's just me. It also mentions that the issue of the Super Human Registration Act is raised by DD in Civil Wars, but I've hardly seen that issue touched anywhere, much to my dismay. While I've put a link on the article, I believe you will not be able to access it unless you subscribe to the New York Law Journal, so to prove I'm a good (but dumb) guy, anyone who wants a copy can e-mail me and I'll e-mail you a copy. I'm not going to post my e-mail address here, but if you go to my blog on the Second Circuit, Second Opinions, you can contact me by clicking on the "Email Me" button on the left. If nothing else, this offer will draw some traffic to Second Opinions.