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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Slow News Year

It hasn't been a good couple of months for this blog, has it?

She-Hulk had a memorable Civil War issue last May, but then the book married her off to a cosmic werewolf, sent Jen into space for a few issues, and finally took her away from her job and drafted her as a SHIELD agent. To be honest, I dropped the book after #14 (Amazing Andy's issue). Several months of Marvel cosmic stuff had already bored me, and my disdain for the SHRA's draft sealed it. I still have some loose ends to tie up, but let me know if the book gets legal again.

Things also looked really bleak for Manhunter, the other superhero-lawyer book on the stands, but it was granted a second stay of execution. (If anybody from DC is reading, my offer still stands.) Unfortunately, despite having a "Trial of Wonder Woman" arc going on, we haven't been seeing much of the proceedings.

And Civil War finally wrapped up, with the Superhero Registration Act proving a bit more resilient than I'd predicted. It's still a morass of absurdity, sure, but frankly, there's so much agreement on that point across fandom that there's hardly any need for me to reiterate it again and again. Marvel's clearly committed to their fascistic interpretation of what should be a reasonable law, and while I'll take my parting shots, at this point it's just beating a dead horse until something new happens or I find a new angle.

Combine all of this with the frequency of my trips to the shop, and there just hasn't been much to talk about as of late. So as I attempt to reinvigorate the blog, I'll be jumping into my backlog of stories I'd put off. The trial of Starfox. The trial of the White Tiger. Daredevil: Redemption. And undoubtedly the most overdue, Clark Kent: Super-Juror.

In fact, I've been so much of a slacker here, I failed to acknowledge the blog's two-year anniversary back in February. Granted, some bloggers create more content in two months than I have in two years, but I refuse to give up.