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Saturday, May 05, 2007

She-Hulk Summary Judgment

Since it appears that I may not be doing any more She-Hulk posts for a bit, given the current direction of that title, here's a recap of all the posts I've done on the series:

Volume 1
She-Hulk #1
She-Hulk #2: Danger Man
She-Hulk #3: The Ghost of Bailey Briggs
She-Hulk #4: Web of Lies

Volume 2
She-Hulk #1: Young Avengers
She-Hulk #1-2: Jury Duty
She-Hulk #2: The Trial of Charles Czarkowski
She-Hulk #6-7: The Trial of Starfox, Part 1
She-Hulk #7: The Trial of Starfox, Part 2
She-Hulk #8: DestroyAllWarriors.com, Part 1
She-Hulk #8: DestroyAllWarriors.com, Part 2

And please tip me off whenever Jen ends up back in the courtroom.